Creepy picture of ‘ghost girl’ wandering in the woods could finally be proof spooks exist

A mysterious photograph of a child ghost -like figure wandering in the woods could finally be proof spooks exist.

The picture of what has been dubbed the ‘ghost girl’ was taken on a trail camera and shows the blurry image of a young girl playing in a wooded area.

The photo, which was taken in late March in Cambridge, New York has provoked speculation the girl captured in the image was a ghost, reports.

It has been shared widely on Facebook and sparked ‘excitement’ among locals who wondered if this finally proved the existence of spirits.

Police received a flurry of phone calls from people recalling a legend that claimed a girl was hit and killed on train tracks and once ran through the area.

It got the whole town talking, News10 said.

But the answer to what was captured on the trail camera could finally have been solved.
A local businessman claimed the photo was of his granddaughter, and said they had been walking in the woods around the time the picture was taken.

Chic Wilson said it would be nice to have proof that life after death exists but that unfortunately no proof was going to be found from this photograph.


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