Spiderman CRUSHED By KILLER CAR! w/ Frozen Elsa, SpiderBaby, Hulk & Joker in Real Life

Spiderman is doing his job as a mechanic so he is repairing and fixing cars , powerwheels cars, motorbikes and toys for a living ! somehow Joker is watching him and has an amazing idea to get rid of superhero fun spiderman ! Yes he has a Killer Car ! A killer car! he unleash it and program it to kill spiderman !
The killer car chase spiderman, but luckily spiderman know how to dodge the killer car! as it has a huge knife infront of it!
The killer car then CRUSHES spiderman under car ! Hulk is sleeping on the bed then he listen to spiderman yelling ! He look into the window and see the crazy killer car attacks spiderman ! Hulk is in a hurry to help his best friend ! Hulk rescue spiderman from the killer car attack !
After we have Police spiderman , frozen elsa, reckless joker crushes chupa chups toys under car !

Enjoy this parody with all your favorite superheroes videos with your family fun! Thanks for watching my funny movies videos for kids!

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