Top 10 Funniest SCARY PRANKS On YouTube

Top 10 Funniest & Best Scare Pranks On YouTube As Of 2016! Which one did you think was the scariest and most horrifying? Which pranks did you think weren’t scary at all?
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10. Break Mattress Scare Prank In The Hood:
9. PrankvsPrank Ghost While Sleeping:
8. Highway Scare Prank On Wife:
7. FouseyTube Escaped Prisoner:
6. Friday The 13th Betrayal:
5. Delivery Truck & Train:
4. Halloween Hot Girl Shower Prank:
3. KSI Hilarious Jump Scare:
2. DmPranksProductions Killer Clown:
1. VitalyzdTv Chainsaw Massacre:

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